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Dear scientific community,

We are glad to announce that BIOTechno Grand Est e-Forum is now open for registration!!


In its 2020 edition, due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and to ensure the safety of our participants and speakers, we adapted and transformed the forum into a series of 12 online webinars including conferences, workshops, round tables and interview simulations taking place from 2nd to 12th June 2020.


The online Forum BIOTechno Grand Est 2020 brings together experts in the field of Biotech and related industries from all over Europe, covering topics and experiences revolving around post-PhD career opportunities. This modality offers a unique opportunity to the participants for e-meeting professionals coming from various fields of life sciences all over Europe, and to get their specific queries addressed. The online interview simulations with actual industry recruiters will provide participants with the unique possibility to get feedback and tips to improve their performance for a real job interview.






Webinar Topics

  • Conference 1: How to get hired as a Ph.D. in the industry sector
  • Conference 2: Current and future trends in Biotech
  • Conference 3: Ph.D. is done, what's next?
  • Workshop 1: How to write a high impact CV for an industry job
  • Workshop 2: Tips for a successful industry interview
  • RT1: Data science
  • RT2: International mobility and tri-national hiring
  • RT3: Clinical trials
  • RT4: R&D in healthcare
  • RT5: Science communication
  • RT6: Project management
  • RT6: Project management
  • RT7: Networking

Ph.D. students from the University of Strasbourg can validate the webinars as scientific/transversal hours.


Detailed information about all the webinars and mock interviews including dates and speaker information can be found in our booklet.


Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to learn and interact with professionals to boost your career development one step further.


Don't hesitate any longer and join us!


The BIOTechno Grand Est 2020 team

(ADDAL, StrasAir & SPB)




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