BIOTechno Grand Est 2020 Announcements


 Thanks for your participation in the BIOTechno Grand Est 2020 Forum. In this activity report, you will find all the information concerning the event, including information of:

•    Speakers
•    Webinars
•    Partners
•    A summary with key information of each webinar
•    Statistics of the event


Download the full activity report in the link Activity Report BGE 2020





Registrations for the e-Forum and interview simulation are closed for 2020.

Thank you so much for your participation!

Poster BIOTechno Grand Est 2020


Important dates

BIOTechno Grand Est e-FORUM
2nd - 12th June 2020

Registration period for Webinars:
18th May - 12th June 2020
Registration is closed

Registration period for Interview Simulations:
18th May - 29th May 2020

Registration is closed

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